Check out the latest buzz from the hive.


Our mission

To elect more Ohio women to public office who will promote a healthy economy in which women can thrive and prosper.

Why a bee?

We chose a bee to represent The Matriots because the queen bee has long been associated with feminine power, figuring prominently in ancient matriarchal cultures. Bees represent both community and cooperation, working diligently for the good of all hive members and growth in their home territory.

The Matriots is all about “building the hive,” spreading the word about our PAC through house parties that supporters host in their homes for friends who might be interested in hearing more about our work; and through regular communications with donors, such as our enewsletter: “From the Hive.”

In addition, our Facebook page for donors, The Matriots PAC, offers members the opportunity to voice their concerns and post news items and events of interest.

We look forward to updating our website with regular news items, as our work evolves.