A healthy hive needs resources

Here’s what we know: Politically, the more we engage, the more we achieve. Research shows a clear correlation between American women’s political giving and their representation in elected office. But the research also shows that women lag drastically behind men in political giving: in 2010, women made up just 26% of the political contributions to national candidates, PACs, and party committees, according to She Should Run and the Center for Responsive Politics. We need to change that.

We must use our collective influence—our voices, actions, and dollars—to help more women achieve leadership positions. Your support for The Matriots encourages a healthy balance of power in Ohio. And when we have that, we’re on the path to healthy earnings, families, and communities.

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Membership Levels

$10,000 Commitment: over a maximum of four years

Founding Member, Class of 2018
$2,000 Commitment: $1,000 in 2018 & $1,000 in 2019

Kitchen Cabinet
$1,000 Commitment

$500 Commitment

$250 Commitment

$100 Commitment

$25 Commitment

Become a Founding Member

Our earliest and most generous contributors are our Founding Members, those who committed to give $2000 over two years. Consider joining us as a 2018 Founding Member. This level of contribution brings with it invitations and access to events featuring our candidates and other high-level supporters.

To become a Founding Member please fill out the Founding Member, Class of 2018 Pledge Form and send it with your $1,000 2018 contribution to the address listed on the form or use the link above to give your first $1,000.

Renew your Founding Membership

The Matriots Founding Members were the innovators, the pioneers who were essential to the growth of The Matriots PAC from an idea – to a thriving organization supporting woman candidates throughout Ohio. Your early support poured the foundation, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us to reach our goal of 50% female representation by 2028. Please consider renewing your Founding Membership today with a pledge of $2000 through 2020.

To renew your First Founder membership for 2019 and 2020, please complete the online First Founder renewal pledge form.

Wish to pledge and contribute now? Use a credit card to renew and contribute your 2019 pledge today.