The Matriots is an Ohio nonpartisan political action committee founded in May of 2017 by a group of women who participated in the Women’s March on Washington. Moved by the tremendous outpouring of support that day for American women and their issues, the Ohio marchers decided to launch an effort to put more women into political leadership to ensure economic justice and advance policies impacting the lives of Ohio women.

On July 4, 2017 The Matriots PAC launched a Founding Member campaign to raise enough funds to create a sustainable organization, hire an executive director, and make political contributions to female candidates in 2018; today those Founding Members number 509 women and men. Our full membership includes over 1,600 women and men across the state and across the political spectrum.

Our members come from different political parties and represent different ethnicities, races, and religions. But we all believe that we share values, not labels.


About The Matriots


Why a bee?

We chose a bee to represent The Matriots because the queen bee has long been associated with feminine power, figuring prominently in ancient matriarchal cultures. Bees represent both community and cooperation, working diligently for the good of all hive members and growth in their home territory.

The Matriots is all about “building the hive,” spreading the word about our PAC through house parties that supporters host in their homes for friends who might be interested in hearing more about our work; and through regular communications with donors, such as our enewsletter: “The Hive.”

In addition, our Facebook page, offers members the opportunity to voice their concerns and post news items and events of interest.

The Matriots PAC is a 527 non-profit organization, upon request our IRS form 990 is available.