Our Mission

To elect more Ohio women to public office who will promote a healthy economy in which women can thrive and prosper.


The Matriots is an Ohio nonpartisan political action committee founded in May of 2017 by a group of women who participated in the Women’s March on Washington. Moved by the tremendous outpouring of support that day for American women and their issues, the Ohio marchers decided to launch an effort to put more women into political leadership to ensure economic justice and advance policies impacting the lives of Ohio women.

On July 4, The Matriots PAC launched a Founding Member campaign to raise enough funds to create a sustainable organization, hire an executive director, and make political contributions to female candidates in 2018; today those Founding Members number more than 300 women and men. Our full membership includes more than 500 women and men across the state.

Our members come from different political parties and represent different ethnicities, races, religions, and sexual identifications. But we all believe that we share values, not labels.

Be a Matriot

Your contributions get us moving. Your involvement helps us run.





We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce our 2018 Matriots-endorsed candidates for the upcoming general election. Below you will find a qualified and captivating slate of 33 candidates running for statewide and local offices around Ohio. These women are well poised to promote an Ohio that is both equitable and economically healthy. As you know, we launched our inaugural endorsement campaign by endorsing nine of these women in April for the primary season, and since then, our Endorsement Committee has been busy reviewing, researching, and selecting an additional wave of candidates  throughout the state. Read more about the women and their campaigns here. 

Please join us in supporting, encouraging, and, most importantly, voting for these women in November.