Public Launch

The Matriots host their official public launch with a “Pop-Up” event on Dec. 5 at the Columbus Museum of Art. We introduce our Endorsement Committee and announce the quiet Founding Member campaign surpasses $550,000!

Campaign reaches 200 Founding Members!

The Matriots quiet campaign reaches 200 Founding Member-mark and exceeds $400,000 start-up goal!

Founding Member campaign continues

Founding Member campaign continues with house parties and launch of statewide meetings with women in Cleveland and Cincinnati.


Kicked off Founding Member quiet campaign

First two Matriots house parties to encourage women to join as Founding Members.

Formal filing of political action committee with the State of Ohio

Adoption of an initial 18-month budget and agreement to cover these costs through a quiet campaign to raise $400,000.

Research and Strategy committees formed to look at endorsement strategy best practices and conduct interviews with content experts.

First meeting of The Matriots Formation Committee

First meeting of The Matriots Formation Committee which later morphed in to the Steering Committee, the governing body of the PAC.

Landscape research and gap analysis

Landscape research and gap analysis conducted to determine feasibility and need for an Ohio women’s political action committee.


Women’s March on Washington DC

Participants in the future Formation Committee of The Matriots PAC at the Women’s March in DC include: Sally Crane Cox, Cathe Kobacker, Sharon Steele, Mindy Coffey, Audra York, April Zimmerman Katz and Rebecca Ibel.