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Videos From Our Virtual Community


Cmsr. Brown talks with Kim Croffoot-Suede about why Matriots money mattered in her race.
Bailey talks about how important The Matriots shared values are to her.
Cleveland Matriots member Sarah Taylor shares her journey to membership.
Staff member Shiloh Todorov’s testimonial on why The Matriots mission to elect women is even more relevant during crisis.
Class of 2018/2020 Matriots endorsed candidate Rep. Jessica Miranda talks about the trends in Hamilton County as women run for office.
Matriots member and Endorsement Committee member Barb Fillion, of Cincinnati, talks with Rep. Jessica Miranda about how she has witnessed the power of The Matriots in elections.
Cleveland Founding Member Harriet Warm on how The Matriots invests her money wisely.


She Won!


We celebrate all the Matriots-endorsed candidates who won their primary elections. 

“I thought if I could get a seat at the table, I could make a difference.”

Based on Tuesday night’s unofficial results, five candidates will advance to the general election in Ohio where they are one step closer to claiming their seats at the tables where policies and legislation are written. They believe in their power to create change and they are fiercely committed to improving the lives of their communities.

They did what women do, they did the work. They rolled up their sleeves and they hit the campaign trail determined to bring new voices to the halls of power. Together, we will build a bench of women who will create a better future.

Join us as we congratulate them!

Northeast Ohio

Georgia Awig for North Ridgeville City Council, At-large

Cheryl Saffold for Warren City Council, Ward 6

Northwest Ohio

Sharetta Smith for Mayor of Lima

Southwest Ohio

Stacey Benson-Taylor for Dayton City Commission

Shenise Turner-Sloss for Dayton City Commission


Matriots Membership Policy

The Matriots is a member-based organization that relies on individual’s contributions to fuel our mission to elect more women to office in Ohio. The rules of our 527 PAC, under state law, allow us to ONLY accept membership contributions from induvial persons (not from trusts, donor-advised funds, or other methods other than personal check or personal credit card – no cash), LLPs and LLCs. We are limited by Ohio State law from accepting any contribution over $13,704.41 (current limit by Ohio state law).

Our members are listed on our website and the list is updated periodically to reflect new member names.

Our members receive certain benefits commensurate with their level of giving, which can be read here:, and they may be periodically updated. Contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for state or federal income tax purposes.  Matriots members do not have governance participation rights.

State law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for individuals who make a contribution of any amount to the organization.

Termination or Suspension of Membership

Suspension of Benefits: Membership and all membership benefits  will be suspended after 14 consecutive months without a contribution made of any size with the exception of our Founding Members, who are considered members for life. Prior to suspension, The Matriots PAC will send at least three reminder notices via email and/or US mail offering options for renewal. Membership can always be renewed either online or by mail to: The Matriots PAC, c/o Perfect Balance, 2470 E. Main St., Columbus, OH 43209

Conduct: Membership is a benefit for those who follow the Matriots community rules and treat staff, endorsed candidates and other members respectfully. While it is our hope that everyone in our Hive will adhere to these standards, we may, using reasonable discretion, decide whether a member’s conduct does or does not comply with these terms.

In the event of misuse of membership, The Matriots PAC reserves the right to exclude the member(s) in questions from the community. Such misuses may include, but is not limited to,

  • Breach of terms or misuse of Matriots membership
  • Actions that do not align with the values of our community; or
  • Actions that could cause us or other members harm

Opting Out

    • You can opt out of newsletter mailings at any time by using the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each and every newsletter sent from the MailChimp newsletter tool. You may also send an unsubscribe note to

Cancellations and Refunds 

The Matriots PAC is reliant on Matriots members to honor their commitments, as pledged.

In some cases, membership is offered by pledging support in the future. In those cases, membership must be documented by a signed pledge as either a digital confirmation or a signed pledge document.

A pledge typically becomes delinquent on the last day of The Matriots PAC’s fiscal year, unless the pledge was received within five months of year end and/or member indicates a payment schedule.  In January of the new Matriots PAC fiscal year, all unpaid pledges will receive a final past due invoice and ask for either immediate payment or to create a payment plan.

Should a pledge go unpaid for four months in the new fiscal year and/or a member does not communicate a payment plan, the following procedures should be in place:

  • A reminder letter is sent indicating that the pledge is now delinquent and immediately due.  The letter should include the date in which the pledge was made and a copy of the pledge document.
  • The reminder should also include information as to which member of The Matriots Finance Committee/Collection Committee to contact, via phone and email to discuss a payment plan and/or indicate when the outstanding payment can be fulfilled.

Unfulfilled pledges more than 12 months past due may result in the removal of the person’s name from membership rosters.

Cancellation of membership initiated by the Matriots member is permitted at any time during the current membership year in writing (US mail or email) to the Matriots address of record. Cancellations and refunds cannot be made to a previous year membership or contribution.

Created by The Matriots PAC Membership and Finance Committees and adopted 4-29-2020 with adoption by The Matriots PAC board on 1-28-2021.

The Matriots PAC: Angry, Saddened, But Not Disheartened

The past week’s events have left us angry and saddened, but we are not disheartened. We know the majority of citizens strongly oppose the storming of our nation’s capitol building and firmly support the foundations of democracy. We ask ourselves, where do we go from here?  Elected officials at every level of government need to be committed to healing these rifts and calling us back to the higher ideals of this country.

We will not look away from the destructive events of this past week in Washington. Instead we will do what women have always done – we will work to make meaningful change. We will work to elect women, regardless of political party, who are dedicated to democratic ideals, who diligently work across party lines to draft legislation that moves Ohio forward, and who lead with integrity.  Since our founding in 2017, The Matriots has endorsed 161 women and won 99 races.

In 2021, we will continue our mission to endorse and support strong women candidates who share your values and who will stand up for what is right for Ohio and the country.

She’s in the lead!

We celebrate all the Matriots-endorsed candidates who are winning! 

“I thought if I could get a seat at the table, I could make a difference.”

Due to an influx of absentee mail-in ballots, the final vote count for most races is several days away. However, many counties across Ohio have released preliminary results, and many Matriots-endorsed candidates hold a comfortable lead.

We celebrate all Matriots-endorsed candidates who are one step closer to victory. They are one step closer to claiming their seat at the tables where policies and legislation are written. They believe in their power to create change, and they are fiercely committed to improving lives in their communities.

Our candidates did what women do: they did the work. They rolled up their sleeves,  and they hit the campaign trail determined to bring new voices to the halls of power. Together, we will build a network of women who will create a better future.

She’s Ahead!

Join us as we congratulate the candidates who are currently in the lead.


Jennifer Brunner for Ohio Supreme Court

Central Ohio

Kristin Boggs for Ohio House of Representatives, District 18

Cheryl Brooks Sullivan for Franklin County Treasurer

Erica C. Crawley for Ohio House of Representatives, District 26

Mary Lightbody for Ohio House of Representatives, District 19

Beth Liston for Ohio House of Representatives, District 21

Anahi Ortiz for Franklin County Coroner

Maryellen O’Shaughnessy for Franklin County Clerk of Courts

Allison Russo for Ohio House of Representatives, District 24

Northeast Ohio

Juanita Brent for Ohio House of Representatives, District 12

Rita Darrow for Summit County Council, District 1

Kandy Fatheree for Summit County Sheriff

Niki Frenchko for Trumbull County Commissioner

Tavia Galonski for Ohio House of Representatives, District 35

Sandra Kurt for Summit County Clerk of Courts

Michele Lepore-Hagan for Ohio House of Representatives, District 58

Kristen Scalise for Summit County Fiscal Officer

Ilene Shapiro for Summit County Executive

Veronica Sims for Summit County Council, District 5

Monique Smith for Ohio House of Representatives, District 16

Cheryl Stephens for Cuyahoga County Council, District 10

Bride Rose Sweeney for Ohio House of Representatives, District 14

Northwest Ohio

Paula Hicks-Hudson for Ohio House of Representatives, District 44

Katie Moline for Toledo City Council

Lindsay M. Webb for Lucas County Treasurer

Southwest Ohio

Judy Dodge for Montgomery County Commissioner

Denise Driehaus for Hamilton County Commissioner

Catherine Ingram for Ohio House of Representatives, District 32

Brigid Kelly for Ohio House of Representatives, District 31

Deborah Lieberman for Montgomery County Commissioner

Charmaine McGuffey for Hamilton County Sheriff

Jessica Miranda for Ohio House of Representatives, District 28

Alicia Reece for Hamilton County Commissioner

Lakshmi Sammarco, M.D. for Hamilton County Coroner

Jill Schiller for Hamilton County Treasurer

Races to Watch!

These candidates are currently in a close race.

Central Ohio

Stephanie L. Kunze for Ohio Senate, District 16

Crystal Lett for Ohio Senate, District 16

Northeast Ohio

Randi Clites for Ohio House of Representatives, District 75

Sharon Sweda for Lorain County Commissioner


Meet A Member: Susan Riley

1. Susan, you’ve been with The Matriots since the beginning. You served as a Money Honey and now you’re on the Research Committee. What is your Matriots why?

Prior to 2016, I’d always thought I was doing enough by voting. Like many of us, I woke up after that election and knew that there was much more work to be done, and the Matriots seemed like the perfect place for me to both learn and contribute.  Our saying “when women lead, Ohio prospers” really resonates with me.  I’m consistently awed by the smart women who are willing to step up and lead.

2. As a member of the Research Committee, you have a unique look into the endorsement process. Is there a Matriots-endorsed candidate you are excited about this year?

Oh, gosh, so many of them excite me. I remember when Allison Russo explained to the Matriots why she’d decided to run for office.  She had always asked her family to supply a solution to problems at the dinner table.  When she expressed frustration about politics one evening, her kids asked her, “What are you going to do about it?”  What she did about it was to run for office, to win, and to make a difference.

3. The general election is just a few days away. How did you take this action this political season? And how are you voting?

I submitted my absentee ballot at the Franklin County BOE! I’m trying to help in many ways this election cycle.  I’ve volunteered to be a poll monitor, a non-partisan question answerer for voters.  I’ll be a poll observer in a few weeks, and will be a Voting Location Deputy on Election Day.  I’ve also done phone and text banking.

4. Can you share why you think The Matriots’ vision for more women in elected office is the solution to today’s political rancor?

I’ve always had tremendous respect for my fellow strong women, but in today’s political chaos, that respect has increased tenfold.  Women, whether mothers, sisters, daughters, or friends, are uniquely qualified to handle whatever the world throws at them.  I truly believe that if we increase the numbers of women in political office, we’ll achieve not only better results but also a more civil approach to those results.

5. Now for something fun: Tell us about your favorite thing to do in the great state of Ohio. It could be a hobby, a favorite place to eat, or something we might not know about our state!

Just a few weeks ago, my husband and I went to stay in a treehouse in Amish Country (in Holmes County).  It was delightful, and was surprisingly close to our Columbus metropolitan area!

Meet a Member: Janet Callif


1) Janet, what is your Matriots why?

I grew up in Bexley, Ohio and a  friend was involved with the Matriots and even though I live in northern Kentucky (across the river from Cincinnati) she thought I should join. She was correct! I believe in the Matriots mission.  I believe that women can change the world, both locally and globally, and make it better.

2) What are you doing to prepare for the General Election? How are you voting this year?

Kentucky usually has very strict voting regulations.  This year I want to applaud Governor Beshear, Secretary of State Adams, and the Kentucky board of elections for creating a nonpartisan plan for voting during Covid-19.  We are giving the opportunity to vote by absentee ballot (which is how I will be voting), early voting (3 weeks including Saturdays), or in-person voting.  I will be taking my absentee ballot to a dropbox.

3) Can you share why you think The Matriots’ vision for more women in elected office is the solution to today’s political rancor? I believe that women are more willing to work together to develop solutions to the issues that we face today and will face in the future.  I think women realize that compromise is a positive attribute that can make people’s lives better.  I believe women are underrepresented in the government and The Matriots are going to enable us to be heard.

4) Now for something fun: Tell us about your favorite thing to do in the great state of Ohio. It could be a hobby, a favorite place to eat, or something we might not know about our state!

My favorite thing to do is spend the 4th of July (my favorite holiday) in my hometown: Bexley, OH.  It’s a day of celebrating the traditions of our community and our country.  People who grew up there come back for the holiday to line the streets for the parade, to socialize and catch up, to wine and dine, and to watch fireworks.  It brings joy, happiness, and pride to me and the city I grew up in.

Meet A Member: Carolyn Jones

As a retired mental health professional, my commitment to the work of impacting the lives of children has continued in my role as a member of the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education, currently serving as President for the third year.  As a proud graduate of public education, a parent, grandparent, and great-grandparent of children in public education, I recognized the importance of being involved in the decisions impacting my children.  And, as a former coach and mentor, believing that “it takes a village to raise a child,” I have dedicated my efforts in public service to improving educational outcomes for children.

I am extremely honored and appreciative of the Matriots’ endorsement of my 2019 campaign for re-election to the Cincinnati Public School Board of Education. The mission of this organization to elect more women to office in Ohio, impacting political change by empowering women, like me, to run for office is absolutely a crucial step in achieving social justice, equity, and equality for all people. It has truly been an empowering experience to network with wonderfully bright and talented women who, because of a diversity of opinions, thoughts, ideas, political platforms, are collectively involved in a bigger mission to empower women to seek public office and leadership roles in Ohio.

Women serve a key role in the well-being of our society, not only as caregivers of families, but in economic, political, and advocacy domains. I became a member of the Matriots with the knowledge of and enthusiasm in recognizing that women are key influencers of the ideals and policies that impact political change. The Matriots bring together women of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and political platforms, all for the purpose of operationalizing a movement to “grow” leadership by supporting the achievements of talented and dedicated women.  Women must continue to operate on legislative and political platforms as the change agents needed to give authority and guidance to political activity that ensures gender equity. In addition, it is important for women to be role models and mentors for other women who might seize similar opportunities for political representation. I recognize the importance of empowering women to serve in public arenas, aligning with a broader vision to ensure women are represented and validated as change agents in a prosperous society.

Ultimately, we are defined by what we do, not who we are.  I am proud to be a Matriot!


Meet A Member: Victoria Alesi

1. Victoria, you recently renewed and upgraded your membership with The Matriots. What motivated you to give at a greater level? I upgraded my membership because I believe in the mission and vision of the Matriots and know that with the greater commitment we will see a greater difference for women running for office!

2. You are a new member to The Matriots Membership Committee. How do you think we can grow The Hive across the state of Ohio amidst the quarantine? I think that with continued education and awareness across all parts of the states, we have the ability to educate all on the importance of supporting and encouraging women to run for office. It is our duty as members and specifically as a part of the Membership Committee to grow the hive!

3. Do you have a favorite candidate that The Matriots has endorsed? How do you plan to get involved in the 2020 election? My favorite Matriot endorsed candidate is Elizabeth Brown running for Columbus City Council. I have seen Liz Brown speak many times and am always inspired by her. She is a strong advocate for working mothers, higher minimum wage and women’s rights. Her work creating the Columbus Women’s Commission at City Council is very important and she is making it a point to include all voices at the table.

I am also volunteering my time to register voters and on Election Day will be out there in my VOTE T-shirt ready to help people exercise their civic duty!

4. Can you share why you think The Matriots’ vision for more women in elected office is the solution to today’s political rancor? There is no way to have an equitable system in place if women are not represented at the table where the policies are being made. There is no doubt that women are more than capable of leading our local, county, state and federal governments, we just haven’t had the support. The Matriots are fighting for women’s representation and I couldn’t be more proud.

5. Now for something fun: Tell us about your favorite thing to do in the great state of Ohio. It could be a hobby, a favorite place to eat or something we might not know about our state! As a dancer and artist, I am so proud of the arts across Ohio! I love visiting The Columbus Museum of Art, listening to local, live music in our beautiful theatres, and seeing contemporary dance shows at the Wexner Center for the Arts! #artmakescolumbus

Get To Know The Matriots!

We want you to be excited to learn more about The Matriots PAC – so we’ll just share a few introductory ideas here before we go on a deeper dive during the event.

Here’s a little bit about our start from our introductory video in 2018:

OK, that answers some questions, but…

Why the bee? Why a PAC? Learn more in our FAQ.

Here are the two documents that really help you “get us” in 4 short pages:


About Us

Here are the women we have endorsed by class, including the 63 women from across the state we are supporting for November.

Here are all the ways you can take action – from volunteer to be our next Zoom host.

We want you to consider membership in The Matriots, so consider what Cleveland member Harriet Warm has to say about investing with us.

Please join – every single dollar counts and we need your voice as part of this movement. 

Do you want to understand how we invest your money? Here’s the results of our first 2.5 years of investing in women – our inaugural Impact Report.

Sign up for our newsletter.

Now Is The Time To Grow The Hive

I’ve spent some time on the phone this past month with several dozen members; saying hello, checking in, answering concerns. I know each of you are experiencing the pandemic in very personal ways.

For some people, the change has meant little more than not being able to meet friends at a favorite restaurant. For others, they’ve lost jobs or had their hours curtailed, are fighting for their company, or they’re caring for a loved one suffering with this deadly virus.

Even as we shared stories and updates on “life in pandemic,” not one had lost faith in The Matriots mission, which has never been more critical. Voting matters. Leadership matters. And for those not fighting for their livelihood, a deep sense of desire to be RELEVANT in the world right now has permeated our membership.

You may not know me personally yet, but you certainly know from your inbox that it is my job to steward you, cultivate your relationship with our candidates, and to attract new members. Now is not the time for me to sit on the sidelines with our fundraising and new-member goals. Our work is too important.

I spent the winter traveling across the state meeting people, and there was such thirst and desire to put more women in office.

I don’t want to lose that momentum. And I don’t want to waste YOUR personal passion for the movement.

I need your help.

  • If you can, please renew your membership at a higher level than your last contribution.
  • If you can’t do that, just renew. Don’t forget – you can pay in monthly installments, which may make support easier at this time.
  • Share your passion for the mission with a friend!  That might be a call to ask them to get to know us and to join, or you might like to get 10 friends on a Zoom and together we can ask them to join. I’m now creating “virtual house parties” and I’d love to have you host.

And I want to TALK! There’s no better way for me to spend my day than chatting – via text, zoom, phone call or email – with you. Never hesitate to contact me.

Women’s political participation, specifically more women in elected office, results in women’s increased economic independence and security. Let’s keep fighting together to put more women at the table.

Be well,

-Shiloh Todorov, Matriots finance/fundraising director
614-787-7129 |