The Matriots Say ‘Changing The Conversation:’ I Took That Challenge



With the General Election less than a month away, and early voting already under way, I think I speak on behalf of my fellow candidates when I say that last night was a needed break from campaigning to just be in fellowship with like-minded people and feel and share support.

I am so proud of my Matriots endorsement as I seek a seat on the Bexley Board of Education.

But before I was a Class of 2019 Candidate, I was an original Founding Member. I sat in a friend’s living room in those very early days of the PAC and heard the founders’ pitch – we need more women running for and serving in elected offices all across Ohio.

It was easy for me to agree, and I made the decision to become a Matriots Founding Member. But as I sat with that message, I realized that the encouragement, opportunity gap-closing, and community of support that The Matriots brings to getting women into elected offices was exactly what the students in my district need, and that The Matriots were talking about me. I needed to run. I couldn’t wait for some other woman to step forward. It’s my time.

A growing body of evidence indicates that women’s political participation, specifically more women in elected office, results in women’s increased economic independence.

That’s an important part of why I joined, why I’m running, and why we all need to do our part to keep growing The Hive so we can reach our shared goal of 50% women in office in Ohio by 2028. Who can you ask to join us? What is your role in making the mission reality?


Victoria Powers, Founding Member & Endorsed 2019 Candidate

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