The Matriots PAC: Angry, Saddened, But Not Disheartened

The past week’s events have left us angry and saddened, but we are not disheartened. We know the majority of citizens strongly oppose the storming of our nation’s capitol building and firmly support the foundations of democracy. We ask ourselves, where do we go from here?  Elected officials at every level of government need to be committed to healing these rifts and calling us back to the higher ideals of this country.

We will not look away from the destructive events of this past week in Washington. Instead we will do what women have always done – we will work to make meaningful change. We will work to elect women, regardless of political party, who are dedicated to democratic ideals, who diligently work across party lines to draft legislation that moves Ohio forward, and who lead with integrity.  Since our founding in 2017, The Matriots has endorsed 161 women and won 99 races.

In 2021, we will continue our mission to endorse and support strong women candidates who share your values and who will stand up for what is right for Ohio and the country.

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