Kathleen Clyde is Changing the Game

Q&A with Commissioner Kathleen Clyde

We know the question on our members’ minds is: What are The Matriots endorsed candidates up to? Whether representing their district, pursuing careers in the private sector or planning a future run for office, our Class of 2018 is changing the game!









You ran a hard-fought campaign for Ohio Secretary of State. After the election, you were appointed as Portage County Commissioner. Can you tell our members more about your day-to-day responsibilities as commissioner?

For most Ohioans, county commissioners play a critical role in everyday life. We are charged with providing vital services on the state’s behalf, from elections, to justice and public safety, as well as infrastructure and human services. In my new role, I will continue to fight for quality economic development, workers and their families, and effective and efficient government.

In January we gathered our Class of 2018 candidates for a post-election candidate conversation, where we debriefed on our candidates’ experience in 2018. Can you share with our members one of the lessons you learned from running for office in Ohio?

Although, we didn’t see the results that we worked so hard for on election day, I’m proud of the campaign we ran and honored to have been the only woman on the ballot for statewide executive office. With that said, there are always lessons to be learned.

It is undeniable that Ohio is growing older and less diverse, making the state less friendly toward progressive candidates. In no way does this mean we should give up the fight for Ohio, but we must do a better job connecting with independent voters, and even some republicans. Nonpartisan organizations like The Matriots can be essential to those efforts.

We believe that when women are involved in the political process, they change the conversation. From your perspective, how did women change the conversation in 2018? And how do you think women will continue to change the conversation in 2019 and beyond?

Women changed the conversation in 2018 by showing up and taking action – whether it was attending marches, making a monetary contribution, talking to your neighbors or running for office themselves. Every action taken made a difference and I’m hopeful that the energy and engagement we saw in 2018, will only continue to grow as we head into 2019 and beyond.

The Matriots PAC will endorse women running for city and school board seats in 2019. Why do you believe it is important to support women running for local offices in 2019?

Supporting women candidates for local office is so important. It’s important because although we’ve seen increasing numbers of women running for office, we still have a long way to go. Investing in women early and at the local level will not only give women a voice locally but also help create a bench of women officeholders that can take on important issues at the state and federal levels.

Now for fun: Tell us about your favorite thing to do in the great state of Ohio. It can be a hobby, a favorite place to eat or something we might not know about our state! 

It’s been great to live in Portage County full time and be able to enjoy our beautiful running trails. Whether it’s running the Portage Hike and Bike trail along the Cuyahoga River through downtown Kent or backroads in our beautiful rural townships, I love to get out and put some miles on my running shoes! I also recently discovered Icy Blast, a rolled ice cream shop in downtown Ravenna. It’s delicious and a great way to treat myself after a long run.

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