The Matriots Class of 2019

One year after making our first political endorsements, The Matriots is now a force in Ohio politics. We are thrilled to share our first wave of Matriots-endorsed candidates for the upcoming general election.

Our endorsement and research committees have been hard at work, interviewing and researching women running for office across the state. This first wave of candidates will be joined by many other candidates as filing deadlines approach in August for board of education offices. Below you will find a qualified and captivating group of candidates running for city offices and board of education. These women are well poised to promote an Ohio that is both equitable and economically healthy.

The Matriots PAC also endorsed a slate of 9 candidates running for the May 2019 primary election. These women are impressively talented and fiercely committed to their local communities. Five women successfully advanced to the general election. 

Please join us in supporting, encouraging, and, most importantly, voting for these women in November.

Matriots Class of 2019


Ginger Baylor for Akron City Council, At-large

Marilyn Keith for Akron City Council, At-large (primary endorsement)

Linda Omobien for Akron City Council, At-large

Veronica Sims for Akron City Council, At-large (primary endorsement)

Janice Davis for Akron City Council,  Ward 4 (primary endorsement)


Shenise Turner-Sloss for Dayton City Commission


Elizabeth Brown for Columbus City Council

Liliana Rivera Baiman for Columbus City Council

Shayla D. Favor for Columbus City Council

Carol Beckerle for Columbus Board of Education

Kimberley Mason for Columbus Board of Education

Tina Pierce for Columbus Board of Education


Holly C. Brinda for Mayor of Elyria


Jean Taddie for Mansfield City Council, Ward 6


Kelly Carr for Marion City Auditor

Tara Dyer for Marion City Council, Ward 5


Jen Kanagy for Newark City Council, At-large


Meredith Lawson-Rowe for Reynoldsburg City Council, Ward 4

Shanette Strickland for Reynoldsburg City Council, Ward 1


Amber Zibritosky for Stow Clerk of Courts


Kelly Kosek for Strongsville City Council, Ward 3


Ra’Cole Taltoan for Youngstown City Council, Ward 2 (primary endorsement)

Samantha Turner for Youngstown City Council, Ward 3

The Matriots Application Process

Candidates who embrace our beliefs and would like to be considered for endorsement and/or financial support in the 2019 general election should apply via the online application. The deadline to apply for consideration will be based on your filing deadline.


Filing Deadline Application Deadline
February 7, 2019 Monday, June 3, 2019 at 5:00 pm
June 12, 2019 Sunday, July 21, 2019 at 5:00 pm
July 12, 2019 Sunday, July 21, 2019 at 5:00 pm
August 7, 2019 Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 5:00 pm


The Matriots Class of 2018

In 2018 The Matriots PAC endorsed a slate of 34 candidates running for offices around Ohio. Our class of 2018 candidates ran for statewide, Ohio General Assembly, county commissioner, and local offices. The slate included Democrats and Republicans, first-time candidates and current officeholders.  With the help of The Matriots, the percentage of women in the 133rd Ohio General Assembly increased from 22 percent to 26 percent, the highest percentage of women serving in Ohio’s history.