In 2018 The Matriots PAC endorsed a qualified and captivating slate of 34 candidates running for statewide and local offices around Ohio. Our class of 2018 candidates ran for statewide, Ohio General Assembly, county commissioner, and local offices. The slate included Democrats and Republicans, first-time candidates and current officeholders. Read more about the women and their campaigns here.

Thank you for supporting, encouraging, and, most importantly, voting for these women . With the help of The Matriots, the percentage of women in the 133rd Ohio General Assembly increased from 22 percent to 26 percent, the highest percentage of women serving in Ohio’s history. These women are well poised to promote an Ohio that is both equitable and economically healthy.

The Matriots PAC will continue to endorse support and encourage women candidates. If you would like to be notified regarding 2019 endorsement deadlines, please sign up here.