Applying for Endorsement

The Matriots is a nonpartisan political action committee dedicated to increasing women’s participation in the political process at all levels of Ohio government, from the governor’s office to local board of education. We endorse and support women candidates who share our values and demonstrate the vision and ability to conduct a robust, competitive campaign.  We are now accepting applications for endorsement for the 2020 election.

Click here for more information on applying for endorsement.

The deadline to apply for consideration prior to the primary election is January 3, 2020. 
The deadline to apply for general election consideration is May 30, 2020. 

The Matriots Class of 2019

One year after making our first political endorsements, The Matriots is now a force in Ohio politics. In 2019 The Matriots were proud to promote the campaigns of 76 women running for office in Ohio in 2019.

At the link below you will find a qualified and captivating group of candidates running for city offices and board of education. These women are impressively talented and fiercely committed to their local communities.

Please join us in congratulating the 43 women who won their races on November 5, 2019.


The Matriots Class of 2018

In 2018 The Matriots PAC endorsed a slate of 34 candidates running for offices around Ohio. Our class of 2018 candidates ran for statewide, Ohio General Assembly, county commissioner, and local offices. The slate included Democrats and Republicans, first-time candidates and current officeholders.  With the help of The Matriots, the percentage of women in the 133rd Ohio General Assembly increased from 22 percent to 27 percent, the highest percentage of women serving in Ohio’s history.