When you contribute to The Matriots, you enable us to endorse candidates who support women’s economic health, and to support their campaigns. Likewise, your gift helps us grow and spread the buzz, so we gain followers and momentum in our efforts to get more women elected to office in Ohio.


The Matriots hosts events and educational opportunities for you to learn more about the candidates we endorse and the challenges women face.


Help The Matriots by hosting a house party,  working on one of our events, or serving on a committee. Read our Matriots Houseparty Guidelines to learn more and get started!

Grow the Hive

The Matriots are growing our membership to best reflect the women of Ohio in all 88 counties. Click our 88 Woman Campaign Map to see where you can help us grow the hive.


Do you love to roll up your sleeves, solve problems, build community and spread the word about our mission? We’re looking for a few good women (and men!) to fill these volunteer needs. Every Matriots volunteer must be a Matriots member. 


We know that when women come together to make their voices heard, the country listens. You can advocate for women’s economic equality by talking to your friends, family, and Ohio’s legislators .


Reach out to our endorsed candidates and help with their campaigns. View our Matriots-endorsed candidates.


Get smart about the issues and candidates, mark your ballot, and take your rightful place in our democracy.