Class of 2020 Endorsed Candidate: Allison Russo

Allison is a public health policy expert, a working mother, and an advocate for Ohio’s families. Her plan was never politics, but as a combat veteran’s wife, she has seen first-hand what a call to duty looks like. Rep. Allison Russo is a “passionate advocate for women,” serving as the Policy Chair for the Democratic Women’s Caucus and co-chair of the Children’s Caucus. A 2018 Matriots endorsed candidate, Allison joined the state legislature in 2019. During her time in office,  she has sponsored multiple bills promoting women’s health, economic security, and fairness in the workplace, and uses her voice to improve childcare quality and affordability.  Looking towards a second term, Allison will continue to listen to different perspectives, consider complex issues, and tenaciously seek solutions.