Political leadership and participation by women is key to good government.

The Matriots is an Ohio political action committee that supports women running for office, regardless of their party affiliation, and encourages all women to participate more fully in the political process by promoting and voting for these candidates.

By electing Ohio women and leveraging our collective power to secure women’s representation at all levels of state and local government, we ensure that women have equal opportunities, access, rights, and responsibilities, including:

  • Economic empowerment
  • Equity and independence
  • Dominion over our bodies
  • Access to education
  • Safe communities in which to live and raise families

Because The Matriots is nonpartisan, we break through the stalemate and rancor that defines government today. We welcome women from any party, as well as those who feel apolitical, out of step with any particular party, or feel that the party system does not serve their interests and those of their families. By focusing on our shared values—rather than a shared party line—we rally women from all over Ohio to improve the well-being of our families, communities, and state.

Our Beliefs

» The well-being of our families, communities, and country is directly impacted by the economic independence, health and safety of women. Key factors in ensuring the independence, health and safety of women are the values of economic empowerment, equity and independence, dominion over their bodies, access to education, and the ability to live and rear children in a healthy, safe and prosperous environment.

» As this country’s majority gender, chief consumers, and lead caregivers of our families, women must support legislation and public policy to control their own well-being and that of their families. Political participation is key to achieving this.

» Women-friendly policy and legislation are vital to good government and will provide a healthy way forward from our present political stalemate.

» We believe that not to act is to act.