She Won!


We celebrate all the Matriots-endorsed candidates who won their primary elections. 

“I thought if I could get a seat at the table, I could make a difference.”

Based on Tuesday night’s unofficial results, five candidates will advance to the general election in Ohio where they are one step closer to claiming their seats at the tables where policies and legislation are written. They believe in their power to create change and they are fiercely committed to improving the lives of their communities.

They did what women do, they did the work. They rolled up their sleeves and they hit the campaign trail determined to bring new voices to the halls of power. Together, we will build a bench of women who will create a better future.

Join us as we congratulate them!

Northeast Ohio

Georgia Awig for North Ridgeville City Council, At-large

Cheryl Saffold for Warren City Council, Ward 6

Northwest Ohio

Sharetta Smith for Mayor of Lima

Southwest Ohio

Stacey Benson-Taylor for Dayton City Commission

Shenise Turner-Sloss for Dayton City Commission


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