Meet A Member: Susan Riley

1. Susan, you’ve been with The Matriots since the beginning. You served as a Money Honey and now you’re on the Research Committee. What is your Matriots why?

Prior to 2016, I’d always thought I was doing enough by voting. Like many of us, I woke up after that election and knew that there was much more work to be done, and the Matriots seemed like the perfect place for me to both learn and contribute.  Our saying “when women lead, Ohio prospers” really resonates with me.  I’m consistently awed by the smart women who are willing to step up and lead.

2. As a member of the Research Committee, you have a unique look into the endorsement process. Is there a Matriots-endorsed candidate you are excited about this year?

Oh, gosh, so many of them excite me. I remember when Allison Russo explained to the Matriots why she’d decided to run for office.  She had always asked her family to supply a solution to problems at the dinner table.  When she expressed frustration about politics one evening, her kids asked her, “What are you going to do about it?”  What she did about it was to run for office, to win, and to make a difference.

3. The general election is just a few days away. How did you take this action this political season? And how are you voting?

I submitted my absentee ballot at the Franklin County BOE! I’m trying to help in many ways this election cycle.  I’ve volunteered to be a poll monitor, a non-partisan question answerer for voters.  I’ll be a poll observer in a few weeks, and will be a Voting Location Deputy on Election Day.  I’ve also done phone and text banking.

4. Can you share why you think The Matriots’ vision for more women in elected office is the solution to today’s political rancor?

I’ve always had tremendous respect for my fellow strong women, but in today’s political chaos, that respect has increased tenfold.  Women, whether mothers, sisters, daughters, or friends, are uniquely qualified to handle whatever the world throws at them.  I truly believe that if we increase the numbers of women in political office, we’ll achieve not only better results but also a more civil approach to those results.

5. Now for something fun: Tell us about your favorite thing to do in the great state of Ohio. It could be a hobby, a favorite place to eat, or something we might not know about our state!

Just a few weeks ago, my husband and I went to stay in a treehouse in Amish Country (in Holmes County).  It was delightful, and was surprisingly close to our Columbus metropolitan area!