Meet a Member: Janet Callif


1) Janet, what is your Matriots why?

I grew up in Bexley, Ohio and a  friend was involved with the Matriots and even though I live in northern Kentucky (across the river from Cincinnati) she thought I should join. She was correct! I believe in the Matriots mission.  I believe that women can change the world, both locally and globally, and make it better.

2) What are you doing to prepare for the General Election? How are you voting this year?

Kentucky usually has very strict voting regulations.  This year I want to applaud Governor Beshear, Secretary of State Adams, and the Kentucky board of elections for creating a nonpartisan plan for voting during Covid-19.  We are giving the opportunity to vote by absentee ballot (which is how I will be voting), early voting (3 weeks including Saturdays), or in-person voting.  I will be taking my absentee ballot to a dropbox.

3) Can you share why you think The Matriots’ vision for more women in elected office is the solution to today’s political rancor? I believe that women are more willing to work together to develop solutions to the issues that we face today and will face in the future.  I think women realize that compromise is a positive attribute that can make people’s lives better.  I believe women are underrepresented in the government and The Matriots are going to enable us to be heard.

4) Now for something fun: Tell us about your favorite thing to do in the great state of Ohio. It could be a hobby, a favorite place to eat, or something we might not know about our state!

My favorite thing to do is spend the 4th of July (my favorite holiday) in my hometown: Bexley, OH.  It’s a day of celebrating the traditions of our community and our country.  People who grew up there come back for the holiday to line the streets for the parade, to socialize and catch up, to wine and dine, and to watch fireworks.  It brings joy, happiness, and pride to me and the city I grew up in.