Meet A Member: Nick Weitzel

1. How are you and your family holding up with the stay-at-home order? We are holding up! While It has been challenging, especially with a very active 2 year old in the house, I think our bond as a family and with friends has grown stronger.  We are so thankful for ZOOM! We have made Zoom calls a regular practice to stay connected with friends and family spread across the country. We celebrated Chris’ milestone birthday with a Zoom surprise party as well as Jude’s 2nd birthday with multiple Zoom calls with his grandparents and cousins.

2. Nick, you’re a Founding Member of The Matriots. What motivated you to give at the Founding Member level? My husband, Chris, and I believe we need a political change in Ohio and in our country. Like a lot of people, we were in shock after the 2016 election.  We realized we needed to be active in creating the political change we wanted to see—we could no longer be passive participants.  We believe the Matriots’ mission of equal representation is the best way to realize that change, and here in our home state was the best place to start.  It was important to us to be Founding Members because we were inspired, and wanted to do our part to ensure this organization had the resources to achieve it’s Bold Goal of 50% representation of women in Ohio elected office by 2028, if not sooner!

3. In addition to being a Founding Member, you just joined the Marketing Committee. How do you think we can effectively grow The Hive to support our endorsed candidates? I think the best way we can grow the Hive is by sharing our personal passion and support for the Matriots’ cause with our friends and family. As individuals, we are the best representatives of our own interests, and often the best messengers for our own causes.  One of the ways we can share this passion as members are through hosting a house party, or a virtual house party as it may be at the moment.

4. Can you share why you think The Matriots’ vision for more women in elected office is the solution to today’s political rancor? Let’s be honest…what got us where we are today? This exact moment we are in demonstrates how important it is that we elect representatives who will consider the health and well being of our families above all else.  I believe with more women at the table, our government would make smarter choices for the long term, and avoid the kinds of short-term thinking and self-interested decision making we see today.

5. Now for something fun: Tell us about your favorite thing to do in the great state of Ohio. It could be a hobby, a favorite place to eat or something we might not know about our state! We are big fans of the Columbus Museum of Art and the Wexner Center for the Arts! We feel so fortunate to have these two amazing institutions here in Columbus.  Both CMA and the Wex have done an outstanding job of providing online content during the quarantine (make sure to check it out if you haven’t already), and we can’t wait until we are able to visit both in person again.

Virtual House Party Invitation

Thank you for registering for our upcoming Matriots virtual house party!

We want you to be excited to learn more – so we’ll just share a few introductory ideas here before we go on a deeper dive during the event.

Here’s a little bit about our start from our introductory video in 2018:

OK, that answers some questions, but…

Why the bee? Why a PAC? Learn more in our FAQ.

We want you to consider membership in The Matriots, so consider what Cleveland member Harriet Warm has to say about investing with us.

Now Is The Time To Grow The Hive

I’ve spent some time on the phone this past month with several dozen members; saying hello, checking in, answering concerns. I know each of you are experiencing the pandemic in very personal ways.

For some people, the change has meant little more than not being able to meet friends at a favorite restaurant. For others, they’ve lost jobs or had their hours curtailed, are fighting for their company, or they’re caring for a loved one suffering with this deadly virus.

Even as we shared stories and updates on “life in pandemic,” not one had lost faith in The Matriots mission, which has never been more critical. Voting matters. Leadership matters. And for those not fighting for their livelihood, a deep sense of desire to be RELEVANT in the world right now has permeated our membership.

You may not know me personally yet, but you certainly know from your inbox that it is my job to steward you, cultivate your relationship with our candidates, and to attract new members. Now is not the time for me to sit on the sidelines with our fundraising and new-member goals. Our work is too important.

I spent the winter traveling across the state meeting people, and there was such thirst and desire to put more women in office.

I don’t want to lose that momentum. And I don’t want to waste YOUR personal passion for the movement.

I need your help.

  • If you can, please renew your membership at a higher level than your last contribution.
  • If you can’t do that, just renew. Don’t forget – you can pay in monthly installments, which may make support easier at this time.
  • Share your passion for the mission with a friend!  That might be a call to ask them to get to know us and to join, or you might like to get 10 friends on a Zoom and together we can ask them to join. I’m now creating “virtual house parties” and I’d love to have you host.

And I want to TALK! There’s no better way for me to spend my day than chatting – via text, zoom, phone call or email – with you. Never hesitate to contact me.

Women’s political participation, specifically more women in elected office, results in women’s increased economic independence and security. Let’s keep fighting together to put more women at the table.

Be well,

-Shiloh Todorov, Matriots finance/fundraising director
614-787-7129 |