Meet a Matriot: Valerie McKitrick

1.In addition to being a Matriots-endorsed candidate you also recently became a Class of 2019 Founding Member. How did you learn about The Matriots and what inspired you to become a Founding Member? I learned about the Matriots from my State Representative, Tavia Galonski. I was inspired to become a founding member because I appreciated the support from the Matriots, and I want to be part of an organization that is comprised of strong women, supporting strong women, and working to get them elected!

2.Valerie, you are a Class of 2019 Matriots-endorsed candidate who recently won your campaign! What did The Matriots endorsement mean to you and your campaign? Besides the critical financial support, the endorsement meant the backing of women from all walks of life, some who were also candidates, but others who just want to see the candidates succeed. That’s powerful: Women coming together to promote women!

3.As an Akron Board of Education Member-elect why do you think it is important to have more female representation in political office? And how do you suggest that young women in particular get more involved in their communities? If women aren’t represented in political office our political needs aren’t going to be addressed and our political rights are going to be further eroded. As the saying goes, “If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re on the menu!”

I suggest that young women start now to get more involved. They can start with student government, school organizations or clubs, or community groups. Whatever they are passionate about, there is a group or organization that will suit them. Whatever their interests, find a group and get involved. Don’t be content to sit back and think someone else will take care of things.

4.Now for something fun: Tell us about your favorite thing to do in the great state of Ohio. It could be a hobby, a favorite place to eat or something we might not know about our state! My favorite thing to do in Ohio is wander the Towpath Trail, particularly as it wends through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Be it on foot or bike, no matter the season, there is nothing like a day on the trails!

2019 General Election Results: 60% of Matriots Win!!

“I thought if I could get a seat at the table, I could make a difference.”

Yesterday, 43 Matriots-endorsed candidates won their races and claimed their seat at the tables where policies and legislation are written. They believe in their power to create change and they are fiercely committed to improving the lives of their communities and schools.

They did what women do – they did the work. Each and every candidate rolled up her sleeves and hit the campaign trail determined to bring new voices to the halls of power. Together, we are on a journey to normalize what it means to be a woman running for office and build a bench of women who will create a better future.

Thank you to all our members who helped make this happen. Last night 60% of our candidates won their races, and it could not have been done without them. Their investment in women candidates made a difference in this election and will continue to make a difference for many more endorsed candidates in 2020.

Join us as we congratulate these women who won their race:





  • Kathleen Mack for Brecksville-Broadview Heights Board of Education





Garfield Heights


  • Ceciel Shaw for Granville Exempted Village Board of Education






Maple Heights



Shaker Heights





Upper Arlington




  • Amy Lloyd for Worthington Board of Education